Please note that the vendor schedule is undergoing some slight revisions in order to stay as flexible as possible and provide our vendors with the best chance of success. Please check back daily for featured vendors and updates!

Saturday, Apr. 25th Featured Vendors: Game Cafe and Fusion Art Room

Game Cafe

has been a fixture on the Independence Square for more than 10 years and a regular vendor at Cherry Blossom Festival for much of that time. They have a staggering variety of gaming resources and they currently have several convenient and safe online shopping and delivery options for everyone who’s played through every board game in the house a few too many times over the last several weeks. We appreciate these guys as part of our local business community and as members of our festival community!

Fusion Art Room

is a new vendor at the festival this year, and we’re extra sorry that we weren’t able to host them in person because their pottery and paintings are stunning. The good news is they’ve got a great online gallery of current pieces, and they also take commissions. Check that website often for new pieces, info, and updates!



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Saturday: Game Cafe and Fusion Art Room