Wednesday, April 22nd

Daily Activity: Read up on the history of Japanese Printmaking, then do an easy tracing project to duplicate some of the visual elements that give Japanese wood block prints their unique look and style. (instructions coming soon!)

Daily Challenge: best and worst Ramen noodles. Are you an experienced cook that has ingredients to make noodles from scratch? Lucky if you can boil water without burning the house down? Either way, I have faith that you can make a bowl of Ramen, make it your own, and post some pics on your own social media. Share your favorite extra ingredients, or maybe just the ingredients you still have left in the back of the fridge. We’re not here to judge anyone’s tastes, so make sure to tag them as “best” or “worst,” depending on your own assessment. We will judge superlatives in both sets of tags and add them to this post at the end of the day (with your permission, of course.)