Tuesday, April 21st

Daily Activity: make a koinobori!

koi=carp, nobori=streamer. The above video features a tremendous assembly of them, but these brightly colored carp windsocks are also flown at individual residences on children’s day at the end of Golden Week. Golden Week is an annual series of holidays and celebrations in Japan typically running from April 29th (showa day) to May 5th (Children’s Day.) We’re a little early, but if you’d like to fly your carp streamer on Children’s day this year, this will give you plenty of time to work on it! In Japan, koinobori are made of fabric, but the following template can be made with materials we’re all more likely to have on hand: paper and markers!

here’s a template: http://www.japanesejoy.com/wp-content/uploads/Koinobori-to-decorate.pdf

and here are step-by-step instructions for a made-from-scratch paper version with really lovely colors.
Finally,here’s a much smaller version can be made with paper and a toiletpaper tube. (We don’t have to dwell on the fact that we all hoarded tp a few weeks ago, but I know you have at least one empty roll by now.)
Bonus Daily Activity: Taiso instagram livestream with Prismatic Dance Crew at 10:00 AM. Taiso is a series of warm-up calisthenics performed to music. Traditionally, the Taiso song was broadcast over the radio at a set time every day, and people joined in from wherever they were. Taiso is a perfect group activity for these times of social distancing! Join in again on Thursday and Saturday.

Daily challenge: Is it really Sushi? Rolled-style sushi (makizushi, distinct from sashimi) is traditionally made by rolling seasoned rice and various fillings into a tube with a seaweed sheet (nori) as the wrapper. It is then sliced before serving. Sort of like those tortilla pinwheels somebody always brings to family barbecues! But not really. If you have nori and fresh fish in your stay-at-home pantry, you’re a lot better off than most of us, but you are welcome to make real a real sushi roll for today’s challenge. For everyone else: improvise! Do you have spring roll wraps? tortillas? fruit roll-ups? Show us your best and/or strangest “sushi.” And then eat it. If you dare.