If you aren’t familiar with the history of the Sister City relationship between Independence and Higashimurayama, the extremely abridged version is that the whole program grew out of a series of tremendous acts of kindness and hospitality among strangers. If you have been to Higashimurayama, think and post about someone outside your host family who helped you in an unexpected or meaningful way during your visit. If you haven’t visited Higashimurayama, think and post about things you might be able to do, as a citizen of Independence, to help the exchange program or JSCC as a whole. If you need ideas, please consider volunteering to be a host family, volunteering with one of the many activities we do during our delegations’ annual summer visits, or making a donation directly monetary donation. To learn more, feel free to reach out directly to any of our committee members. Tax deductible donations can be made online through our Truman Heartland account. Go here https://www.thcf.org/your-giving/give-now and select “City of Independence Sister City Fund.” For business owners: sponsoring or providing lunches, meals, snacks, and small gifts for a group of 10 high school students is a great way to start. Donations of safe, comfortable meeting spaces during the delegation visit are also a great way to help–we had a great time meeting at Main Street Coffee last summer before our daily activities began, and we would love to introduce our visiting delegates to other local businesses, as well. tag your posts #uptownmatsuri, #uptownmatsuriday7, and #getinvolvedjscc